Collaboration Areas

ESIP is an independent forum used to address topics of interest to the Earth science data and technology community, such as data management, data citation and documentation. ESIP’s expertise lies in fostering and sustaining a research community able to cut across traditional discipline boundaries and address such system-wide problems, which are central to the access and use of Earth science data and information. 

The work of the ESIP community is advanced through member collaboration areas, which contribute expertise to resolving common problems of the Earth science data and technology community. Members participate together through the work of ESIP's Committees, Working Groups and Clusters; these range from formalCommitteesto less formalWorking Groups and Clustersactivities. Anyone interested in working in one or more of the collaboration areas listed below should participate in the monthly telecons. Information on the committees and when their telecons take place is on their respective pages.

If you're interested in forming a new cluster, contact ESIP Vice President Christine White,

To stay up to date with collaboration area activities and general ESIP happenings, check out the collaboration area updates on our blog, sign up for weekly Monday Updates and the ESIP-All list-serv.


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Agriculture & Climate

Bill Teng / Nancy Hoebelheinrich
Student Fellow: Chris Beltz

List Link
Climate Education

Margaret Mooney

List Link
Cloud Computing

Phil Yang
Student Fellow: Fei Hu

List Link
Data Stewardship*

Justin Goldstein / H.K. "Rama" Ramapriyan
Student Fellow: Sophie Hou

List Link

Karen Moe / Dave Jones
Student Fellow: Sean Barberie

List Link

Doug Newman / Ruth Duerr
Student Fellow: Sam Silva

List Link

Ted Habermann / Anna Milan

List Link
Drones Lindsay Barbieri / Jane Wyngaard List Link
Drupal Adam Shepherd / David Bassendine List Link
Earth Science Data Analytics

Steve Kempler
​Student Fellow: Lindsay Barbieri

List Link

LuAnn Dahlman / Preston Lewis
Student Fellow: Johanna Bozuwa

List Link
Energy and Climate

Richard Eckman / Erica Zell 

List Link

Janet Fredricks / Don Henshaw
Student Fellow: Alison Adams

List Link
Information Quality

Ramapriyan / Moroni / Peng

List Link
Information Technology & Interoperability* Ethan Davis List Link

Line Pouchard

List Link
Products and Services*

Soren Scott

List Link
Science Communication

Denise Hills

List Link
Science Software

Chris Lenhardt

List Link
Semantic Technologies*

Tom Narock / Beth Huffer

List Link
Sustainable Data Management

Margaret O'Brien

List Link

Steve Diggs / Denise Hills

List Link
Web Services

Soren Scott

List Link

* indicates committees


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